April 14th

Today I hiked from Sassafras Gap Shelter to Brown Fork Gap Shelter, a distance of just over 9 miles, making it one of the biggest mile days I’ve had. The terrain was a little better than yesterday, but still very rough, with several steep but shorter climbs. I’ve noticed that I’m getting better with the tougher uphills, not that they’re getting easier, but I seem to have a better time getting buckled in to take them on. I still have to stop every ten paces or so to catch my breath, but it’s getting better.


I started my day out with another sermon from back home. This time, Marc was talking about “Awakening Grace”and the concept of becoming a new person in Christ and showing grace to others in our lives. I gave consideration first to what it’s been like seeing the change in myself recently and reflecting that to the change of grace in my life overall. Every day I seem to find new needs for grace in my failing, but much like my slow steps up the hills while carrying a heavy pack, I know that I’m slowly following the path set out for me. The great spiritual revelation I keep returning to on this journey has been that it’s not up to me to keep worrying about the long run, if I’ll make it to Katahdin, it what kind of pace of should be setting by Virginia, rather my focus is supposed to be on the individual steps I’m taking right now, this very second, and have faith that God is controlling the rest. This does not mean that I’m not to consider the future, I still watch the path before me, read my guide for the days ahead, and give consideration to the overall budget, but I also have to let go of worry over these things. I simply need to take the struggles up in prayer and believe that God will work them out as he will


Some of the views from Cheoh Bald


unfortunately, this is how so many of my photos come out, there’s some beautiful mountain views in the background, but the trees seem to dominate the photo. I need to gain some better skill at adjusting the camera focus, if that’s possible with my phone


I loved the look of these pale purple flowers I passed by


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