April 18th

I had trouble sleeping again last night so I again woke up around midnight and read for a while. I’m still reading Jesus Brand Spirituality by Ken Wilson. I continue to find the book immensely pleasing though also concerned as I agree with everything the author says so far. I continue to pray for God to give me a critical eye to better grow from the reading. One part that particularly struck me was when the author referred to the way some churches introduce new Christians to the the faith as “bass-ackwards” telling a story of when he himself recommended that a new convert read the church’s statement of faith, only to have the man disappear from the congregation after doing so. The author suggests that rather than expecting people to accept the faith by “swallowing it whole”churches needed to respect where they were and allow them to pursue a more personal interaction with God instead of following a prescribed series of “salvation steps” that some church executive thought was necessary. I thought of my experience in Bible College when I took a class on the Book of Acts and we couldn’t even finish the book in a semester because the class got so bogged down in discussion of points of the Holy Spirit and the exact order of steps required for someone to be saved. (“if I die on my way to being baptized, would I still go to hell?” was one point that made me convinced we’d all fallen into madness in the discussion)


I’m still in Fontana, waiting for the post office to open today so that I can pick up my package. I woke up pretty early which has been my habit at least in town. I enjoyed having some extra time this morning to simply enjoy the sunrise. I walked from the campsite out to where the town shuttle would pick me up. Again, still with plenty of time, I simply enjoyed looking out over the lake. Eventually I plugged in an audio book of Douglas Adams reading selections from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. This is familiar (one of my favorite authors and series) so good listening when I simply want to tune out mentally


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