May 7th

I stayed the day in Hot Springs.


I’m finding it difficult to adjust to zero days. In all honesty, it’s often way too easy to simply shut down. Depression has been a pretty consistent issue, almost always related to missing people back home, so you would expect I’d be better I’m town and can talk to them, but instead it’s worse. I think it’s a matter of getting to hear from people or read Facebook posts while knowing it’s not going to be any better than that for months.
I spent some time in town, I went to both a local diner as well as the Tavern. At both, I bought very large meals, including an “AT Special” burger at the Tavern. For many this kind of overeating in town is a staple of trail life and is seen as the reward of the hiker lifestyle, but for me it’s exactly how I ate before I began training for the Trail. I’ve been very happy with how much weight I’ve lost out here, but I’m going to have to be very careful to adjust my lifestyle when I go home or I’ll regain all of the weight again


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