May 22nd

Today I hiked from Curly Gap Shelter to a campsite, a distance of 5.8 miles.

I had taken two zero days, and waited until after 1 this afternoon because I was still hoping my friend from town would meet me. With the rain so heavy, I think they simply delayed to avoid the weather, however a part of me keeps thinking it was done to simply avoid me. I keep considering how lonely I’ve felt out here and this more than anything else brought that home.
I’m still tuning out while hiking, the views have pretty much all looked the same. You can only see so many mountain vistas and still be surprised by them. I’m feeling stronger overall and more capable of climbing the mountains. My knees have been better, so has my back. However, I’ve started getting a sharp pain in my heels, feeling like I’m stepping on the blade of a knife right in the center of the heels. From my understanding, it matches the symptoms of Achilles tendon strain. I rubbed tiger balm on my heels tonight, and took aleve (for the first time ever) before going to bed. I don’t want to mask the pain, but I’m hoping the anti inflammatory effects of the aleve will help


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