May 23rd

Today I hiked from my camp site below Unaka Mountain to Cherry Gap Shelter, a total distance of 7.1 miles.

My heels hurt still particularly bad this morning, but seemed to settle down once I got moving. I had to stop shortly into my hike because my camelbak was leaking (I hadn’t closed the lid properly) and I slipped and nearly fell off a cliff at one point in my climb, but otherwise my hike was fairly uneventful. I tented last night and I’ve found I’m much more comfortable with my tent than I was early on thanks to support from MSR and a few blog readers who were familiar with that particular tent and offered suggestions based on photos I’d posted. (thanks again!)
I’ve been listening to more Dresden Files audio books, and for the most part have enjoyed having some fairly mentally low key days. However, today there was a scene discussing the idea of free will from the point of view of angels, and I was reminded that the series has probably the best parable of the idea of how free will impacts the question of the so called “Problem of Evil” I’ve seen. The idea that the ability to choose is something that God sees as a truly special gift or power of humans and therefore will not override it, even if it allows evil. I should say that I don’t feel this adequately answers the question by itself, as the factors of active force of sin and entropy in the universe also plays a factor. The complete theory is one that in the past I’ve felt I should not share since it is essentially an extra Biblical philosophy mostly of my own devising, but I’ve lately been considering noting it down in the hopes of helping others considering the same question. This will take some prayer and time to consider


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