June 20th

Today I hiked from Trimpi Shelter to Partnership shelter, a distance of 9.9 miles.

The hike today was another “work day” like yesterday, with not many views and no real significant summits.
The Partnership shelter is known as one of the “Hiltons” of the Trail, as it has a running water sink, a shower, and is close enough to a main road to town that you can have pizza delivered. I arrived around 5 in the afternoon (an early end of day with the way I’ve been going lately) so I was able to spend the afternoon doing my laundry using the scrubba bag, then took a shower. I didn’t order delivery food as I had a Knorr side left and I wanted to save my money for a trip for Chinese food tomorrow. A large hiking group that arrived later did order food though and gave me two pieces that were left over when they were done. It’s odd the difference my tastes have out here because I swear the pizza tasted like one of the most glorious meals I’ve had in ages. In truth, it probably wasn’t anything spectacular, in fact several others complained that it wasn’t very good, but since I’ve been eating dehydrated food for the last several days, it was a particularly nice treat.


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