July 12th

Today I hiked from my campsite near VA 608 to a campsite near Dismal Falls, a distance of 6.6 miles. I had pushed myself hard yesterday so that I could take a short day today, and it was definitely worth it. I spent a few hours at Trent’s Grocery, a store close to the Trail, where I did laundry, took a shower, resupplied my food, and also enjoyed a lunch of burgers and fries along with a cold coke.


I then hiked up to Dismal Falls, which I’d been looking forward to for a while. The falls had a great view and a swimming hole at the bottom. I swam for a bit in very cold water, but it was nice and refreshing. I also visited with some other campers the Charles and Levonne. Levonne had stage four MS and Charles had suffered a stroke last year, so they had quit their jobs and moved out of their house to go on a long road trip, with a list of places they’d wanted to see. Charles had grown up around here and wanted to show his wife his old high school hang out spot. I unfortunately didn’t get a picture because I’d crossed the river originally to get to their camp spot so I’d left my camera behind.
Later, a large number of other hikers showed up as well to camp here, but they grabbed spots on the other side of the river, so I had my campsite to myself. I’d planned to stay up and look at the stars, but I fell fast asleep fairly early, which I take to mean I needed it. I’ll press on tomorrow to try to reach Pearisburg by the fourth of July.


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