July 13th

Today I hiked from my campsite next to the intersection of John’s Creek Mountain Trail to a campsite next to VA Route 630, a distance of 5.8 miles. I also walked an additional 2 miles to get to the Joe’s Trees store to buy some food resupply. I stopped early today hoping to get a good night’s sleep. I’ve been hiking till late in the evening for the last several nights, and I think it’s been having an affect on how tired I’ve felt.
I finally saw a bear today! I was hiking out from my campsite and turned a corner to find two bears who immediately ran away when they saw me. Unfortunately, they ran away too quickly before I could get out my camera or my glasses. I had been thinking for a while now about how I might react to seeing a bear be it fear or awe. Instead, I was surprised that a part of my brain was immediately thinking “oh, I should go pet them!” Part of this is because I was still very tired at the time (it was early morning) and the other was that I immediately thought of dogs when I saw them as.


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