July 14th

Today I hiked from my campsite next to VA Route 630 to a campsite next to Craig Creek, a distance of 10.7 miles. I found the climb today to be a little easier than recently, but once I climbed Sinking Creek Mountain, I spent most of the afternoon on a precarious ridge walk. Many times the Trail would go along a steep angle of rock with a long fall below. Also while I was on the ridge, a thunderstorm came by. I cannot express the feeling of a thunderstorm on the mountain ridge. I would hear the thunder, but also feel it pass through the air. You see the storm clouds move through in a way that you don’t on the lower ground as they pass by so seemingly close, making you want to reach out and touch them. The rain came down as thick heavy drops, pouring as a near constant shower. I’d stop under some trees trying to find some small refuge to no avail.

Unfortunately, this meant for the second day in a row I spent the afternoon with wet socks and boots. I stopped for lunch and took them off to try to let them dry and I’ve also hung them up overnight tonight. I’m hoping that will do the trick or I’ll spend tomorrow in the same wet socks.
I’m a little worried about tomorrow, I need to get some decent miles in to be in position to make it to the hostel the day after, but there’s two mountains in this section and not much water, which will make it hard to push for a good stopping point. We’ll see how it goes


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