August 1st

I spent the night last night at Marble Spring. The location has had a large number of bear encounters recently, and was actually closed until the last few weeks. I made a number of preparations in case a bear came by, I hung my food much further from my tent than I normally would and set some rocks by my tent that I could throw if a bear showed up. Someone left behind a full can of bear mace, which I also set next to my tent as a final alternative if nothing else worked. With all of these preparations in place then, it’s no surprise that a bear never showed up. I did however get eaten alive this morning by biting gnats, my legs feel like they’re on fire. I applied benadryl cream and deet spray to both calm the itching and prevent further bites. So far it doesn’t seem to matter. I have a comparatively short distance to hike today, only about five miles, since I will head into the town of Glasgow tomorrow. With this in mind, I took the time today to enjoy my morning, eating a decent breakfast, made coffee, and spent some time writing.


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