August 18th

Today I hiked from Calf Mountain Shelter to Blackrock Hut, a distance of 13 miles. It was a hard day with a lot of ups and downs, also a lot of heat. It didn’t help that water was short today since there were no water sources along the way. I am not sure what kind of pace I’ll keep for the rest of the Shenandoahs, it’s good that I’ve pushed miles today, but I don’t think I want to keep doing that since I had to skip several side Trail views because I knew I needed to get to the Hut soon with my water low. After my experience yesterday, I kept my eyes out for any more snakes, but no new sightings today.
I got caught up on the weekend messages from my home church in Kentucky, I miss the place and those people greatly and can’t wait to go home there


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