August 19th

Today I hiked from Blackrock Hut to a campsite next to the Doyle’s River Side trail. I hiked a total distance of 7.7 miles, including a side trail to Upper Doyle’s Falls (which were a bit underwhelming)

I found my energy strangely low today, feeling the need for many breaks and just generally feeling exhausted. I don’t know if this is because I cut back on the calories in my food plan to increase my weight loss or because hiked so late yesterday, but I’m hoping it’s a temporary issue.
My headphones stopped working, probably because I was caught in the rain yesterday, which is surprising since that’s happened before without issue. It was frustrating to not be able to listen to my audio books, but I did get some good thinking and praying done, including polishing up some ideas for my planned presentations on the Trail for both classrooms and church groups (one comparing life on the Trail to Christian life, the other on science on the Trail) as well as praying for friends and family I’m missing.


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