August 21st

Today I hiked from Pinefield Hut to Hightop Hut, a distance of 8.2 miles. I’m still working through ideas on what to do when I go home. I know I want to try to visit some churches to talk about some of the lessons I’ve gleaned about the Trail and Christian life, which will probably make a rough draft of a possible book, which I think will probably be called The White Blaze and the Cross I’ve also got some strong ideas for a presentation to give to school groups about science and history and the Appalachian Trail. I’m starting to think this could be a good start to a children’s book on the topic. However, I still have no idea what kind of job I’ll pursue when I get home. While I’d had the repeated thought of seeking work with the homeless, I did a search online and found no open positions doing that in the area. I need to figure out what other options there are, but I may simply return to the same work I was doing before since I was very careful to leave on good terms.
I got caught in the rain today, soaking wet and cold, I’m hoping to get my clothes at least a little dry before I hike tomorrow morning. On the plus side, I needed a shower and I at least feel slightly cleaner now


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