August 25th

I haven’t been writing as much lately, I think because I haven’t really let myself stop and think much. I’m trying to make miles to finish out the Shenandoahs before the weekend since it’s been crowded already,i can’t imagine what a Saturday will be like.

I’ve been listening audio books or podcasts almost non stop to try to finish off what I’ve got downloaded before I end my hike. I feel like I’m coming to an end but need to still soak up all the free time I have left.

And that’s the strange state I’ve been in lately. I know I’m coming up on Harpers Ferry, where I will depart for my parents home in Daytona Beach Florida. I vacilate between being excited to go home and being sad to leave the Trail unfinished. I will return next year to complete the second half, but I can’t predict what could happen in the meantime. Besides, I’m still looking at months of returning to not having control over my schedule, not having hours to just read, or being able to go days without talking to anyone. I know I’m going to miss it. But I also can’t wait to talk to my friends in person, to cook real meals, and perhaps most important attend and be a part of church again


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